Our company has the ability to produce up to 4 million. pieces of wire harnesses per year.The company produces bunched conductors for tractor electrical equipment according to GOST 23544 and household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) on the design documentation of the customer. When accepting the harness is a continuous solid control.In the production of a modern, high-efficiency equipment (imported, domestic, as well as its own production) to:-cutting and marking of wires and cords (machine «Komax "Switzerland," Artos "United States);After all wires-stripping under the reinforcement (own production);-reinforcing wire tips (presses and applicators-stamps "Mecal" Italy, "Schafer" Germany, as well as its own production);-quality analysis of reinforcement (laboratory of "Schafer"-control efforts of the reinforcement in the process of reinforcing (the load cell from Schafer)-Assembly wire harness (own production);-to monitor the integrity of all electric circuits (stands of own production)

Bunched conductors for tractor electrical equipmentThe company produces circuit and power cords of varying complexity for pipeline JSC "MAZ", as well as for repairs, from wires with cross-section 0.5 to 70 mm2 and various pieces of imported and domestic production.

Wire harnesses for household appliancesThe company produces wiring for refrigerators and washing machines "Atlant" of wires and cables multicore (cables) up to 1.5 mm2 and various pieces of imported and domestic production.